Pantone Style Spices pack

Taste, fragrance, and color mix up in the “Pantone Style Spices” project by Budapest-based Hungarian designer and art director Peter Bakonyi 

The project features everyday spices, herbs and seasonings packaged in sachets that resemble PANTONE color swatches: the yellow-orange of curcuma, the vivid green of parsley, the red of paprika, the military green of oregano, the off-white of cardamom, the black of pepper, the pink of hymalayan salt…

Pnatone Style Spices Packaging

The final result is colourful and elegant: the designer says he wanted to create a no-frills design that was both coherent and stylish, the sort of packaging he would want to see in the supermarket and in his own kitchen.

Less is more!

Pantone Style Spices Project