Cyrus Kabiru is a self taught emerging African visual artist. He fashions these elaborated sculptural extravagant eyewears working with piece of found metal and other salvaged material collected from the street of his hometown Nairobi.

This serie is named C-Stunner and is inspired by Afrofuturism a genre that combine science fiction, magical realism, and historical fiction with politics and culture of African diaspora. These flamboyantly composed glasses, that often masks the entire face, are a mix of fashion, wearable art, performance and one of a kind commodity object.

His work features in the newly released Gestalten publication Africa Rising: Fashion, Design and Lifestyle from Africa (you can read more about here)

 “When I was young, I used to admire real glasses but my dad was a bit harsh and he never wanted me to have real glasses. That’s the reason I started making the glasses.”

“When you walk in town and you see someone with my glasses, the glasses will get all your attention,” said Kabiru. “If you have any stress it is like a therapy.”