The german publisher  teNeues has just published a new photographic book titled Nostalgic Journeys: Destinations and Adventures from the Golden Age of Travel a unique cultural history of travel and tourism in the 19th and 20th centuries.


German movie star Marlene Dietrich with a pile of luggage en route to the USA on the ocean liner Bremen 1931-(Bettmann Archive/Getty Images)

The author Stefan Bittelre explores the times when modern tourism was born. It was only thanks to the advent of the railway, when remote geographic areas became accessible that “pleasure holidays” became popular as well with the engagement of entrepreneurs like English Thomas Cook (1808 – 1892), founder of the first travel agency Thomas Cook and Son, considered the inventor of modern tourism.


Pullman sleepers with closable berths 1934 (Bettmann Archive/Getty-Images)



Jazz party in Miami Beach 1930. (Bettmann Archive/Getty-Images)



An ice skating waiter in St. Moritz Switzerland delivers gin and soda to British ladies 1920s-Hulton Deutsch Collection-CORBIS-Corbis-via Getty Images


Fishing villages turned into swanky beach resorts, out-of-the-way mountain hamlets became hot destinations for hikers and skiers, and humble inns blossomed into grand hotels.


The cabin of a Lockheed L 1011 TriStar prototype 1968 Rolls Press-Popperfoto-Getty Images



The Aloha Motel on the Atlantic Coast North Wildwood New Jersey 1960s-Eric Bard-Corbis-via Getty Images

Nostalgic Journeys captures stylish and adventurous way to experience the world like riding the Orient Express to the Middle East, cross the Atlantic on an enormous steamship, follow Route 66 through the USA, or break through the sound barrier on the Concorde.


Traffic congestion on Daytona Beach Florida-1957- Photo © J.Baylor Roberts-National Geographic-GettyImages



Traveling in a Volkswagen Bus on the way to the Teton Range in the Rocky Mountains-Wyoming-1965-Archive Photos-Getty Images


So lose yourself in the pure spirit of “traveler” and go for a wonderful picture trip. Enjoy!