The peruvian photographer is known for her images of bodies camouflaged against patterned surfaces. Images are rendered by selecting a ground pattern such as a floral wallpaper and, with the help of a team of painters, the artist blends her body by painting it the same as the underlying surface.

In doing so, Cecilia Paredes tries to build his own identification with the surrounding world to feel at one with not only what is visible around her, but also with the invisible. The illusion of “disappearing” in the landscape that surrounds allows her to identify with it, becoming an integral part, an expression of one’s inner life.

“Part of what makes us human is our ability to see beyond the narrow door through which we enter the world—to grow beyond the culture of our birth by recognizing other cultures, other patterns of life. Yet our birth culture is always imprinted upon us; the mystery of identity is never fully resolved. We are always from a time and place to which we can never return.”

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