Sara Ricciardi - funeral parade - ornamental pumpkins composition

Pumpkins: you can not help but name them this season. The Anglo-Saxon tradition has now spread around the whole world, and the decorations of the period cannot do without this vegetable.

Nice, however, is to find that the pumpkin is no longer just the classic orange one, with the round shape to carve the classic Jack o’ Lantern shape in.

Thanks also to an ever-growing botanical science, we now have available not only on the fruit stands but also in the most innovative floral shops, pumpkins of different sizes, shapes, and colors to play with, in order to assemble truly original decorative compositions. Celebrate Halloween and Fall in general with the seasonal vegetable has become very creative.

Elle Decor Italia has asked 5 young designers to interpret ornamental pumpkins and turn them into a Halloween dedicated project. Among those proposed, we liked the composition of the young Milan-based designer Sara Ricciardi with the “Parata Funebre” – (Funeral Parade)  of pumpkins. We propose it in pictures and with the same words used by the designer to describe her composition.


Here’s how Sara Ricciardi illustrates her creation “Parata Funebre


“Withered pumpkins, dead plants, abandoned pon pon, asphalt pieces, deflated balloons, I have collected lifeless material and I have reassembled it. A bizarre and loving rebirth. Odd and grotesque figures, amputated but happy, ready for a joyous funeral procession. I liked playing to adorn the macabre – and thinking maybe that death is not so scary. Let the spruce pumpkins parade begins!”


sara ricciardi designer

To find out more about Sara Ricciardi, visit her site

Images © Laura Baiardini – Via