For centuries, there is discussion about who invented spaghetti if the Italians or the Chinese but who has invented the way to eat them with a fork?

A vast historical record illustrates how along the alleys of Naples, until the end of the nineteenth century, the spaghetti were eaten with the hands. Although the fork had already been invented and spread by centuries, the tradition dating from the Middle Ages to eat with your hands, continued to be perpetrated.

With a fork with just three prongs as that in use, impractical for the purpose, spaghetti, albeit considered a specialty in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, could not be presented on the tables of the aristocracy.

The ingenious court chamberlain of Ferdinand II of Bourbon Gennaro Spadaccini solved the problem by reducing the size of the great forks then in use and adding a practical fourth prong ratifying  in this way the success of the pasta even on the tables of the aristocracy and so forth in the entire world.

Who doesn’t love a good dish of spaghetti?