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Are you a cinephile, a movie poster collectors? Then the perfect place for you is in New York, and is the famous Posteritati gallery in Manhattan, where you can view directly and consult more than 9,000 posters, stills, lobby card and more from all ages and from all over the world.

Aren’t you a travelers? Don’t worry: Posteritati is also a website where you can buy, staying comfortably sitting on your own home sofa. On-line you can view all the posters and you can perform very detailed searches based on decades, country, film genre, actors, directors, format and price.

Very interesting, and fun also, is the opportunity to see at the same time, for each movie, all the versions produced in the countries where the film was distributed.

Start collecting!

white shadow in the south seas-posteritati

“White Shadows in the South Seas”, di W.S. Van Dyke e Robert J. Flaherty, 1928 – Argentinan Poster 1928

un parisienne - posteritati

“Une Parisienne” by Boisrond – Usa Poster 1962

tootsie - posteritati

“Tootsie”, by Sydney Pollack, 1982 – Polish Poster 1984

the conversation - posteritati

“The Conversation”, by Francis Ford Coppola, 1974 – Polish Poster 1974

the bycicle thief - posteritati

“The bicycle thief” by Vittorio De Sica – Italian Poster 1955

sunset boulevard - posteritati

“Sunset Boulevard” by Billy Wilder – Yugoslavian Poster 1951

star wars - posteritati

“Star Wars”, by George Lucas, 1977 – Russian Poster 1990

stalker - posteritati

“Stalker”, by Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979 – French Poster 1981

spartacus - posteritati - thechicflaneuse

“Spartacus”, by Stanley Kubrick, 1960 – Russian Poster 1967

Shoot The Piano - posteritati

“Shoot The Piano Player” by Francois Truffaut – Usa Poster 1962

secret ceremony - posteritati

“Secret Ceremony”, by Joseph Losey, 1968 – Italian Poster 1969

rosemary's baby - posteritati

“Rosemary’s Baby”, by Roman Polanski, 1968 – Polish Poster 1984

rbel without a cause - posteritait

“Rebel without a cause” by Nicholas Ray – Argentinan Poster 1956

out of the past - posteritati

“Out of the past” Usa Poster 1953

midnight cowboy - posteritati

“Midnight Cowboy”, by John Schlesinger, 1969 – Czech Poster 1973

madadayo - posteritati

“Madadayo”, by Akira Kurosawa, 1993  – Japanese Poster 1993 designed by Kurosawa himself.

Lake of Tears - posteritati

“Lake of Tears”, by Tomotaka Tasaka, 1966 – Cuban Poster 1968

la femme nikita - posteritati

“La Femme Nikita” by Besson – French Poster 1990

king kong poster posteritati

“King King”, by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, 1933 – Argentinan Poster 1933

jaws - posteritati

“Jaws”, by Steven Spielberg, 1975 – Czech Poster 1978

gone with the wild - posteritati

“Gone with the wind” Japanese Poster 2005

every penny counts - posteritati

“Every Penny Counts”, by Zbynek Brynych, 1961 – Czech Poster 1961

citizen cane - posteritati

“Citizen Kane”, by Orson Welles, 1941 – Italian Poster 1966

casablanca - posteritati

“Casablanca” Japanese Poster 1974

belle de jour - posteritati

“Belle de Jour” by Bunuel – Japanese Poster 1967

a night to remember - posteritati

“A night to remember”, by Roy Ward Baker, 1958 – Polish Poster 1961


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