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It is really curious and fun this young photographer Olivia Locher‘s “I fought the law” photographic project. The artist went to search for the most strange and absurd laws in force in American states, and in an irreverent and sarcastic way, she has represented them in her photos.

The idea of ​​the project was born when a friend told her about how it was illegal to have a ice cream come in the back pocket. Curious, she examined in depth the subject and found a series of very funny laws to “break”. Several of them are still on the statue books, others have never become laws although they came close to and some were removed.

Even if it looks weird, in Utah it’s illegal to go around with a violin inside a bag, in Nevada it’s illegal to stick an American flag to a soap, or in Minnesota where it’s illegal to cross the road with a bird on the head.

Olivia Locher I-fought-the-law-Ohio disrobe in front of portrait of a man

In Ohio it’s illegal to disrobe in front of a portrait of a man.

Olivia Locher I-fought-the-law-Minnesota cross road bird on head - thechicflaneuse

In Minnesota it’s illegal to cross the rood with a bird on head.

Olivia Locher I-fought-the-law-Kentucky paint grass in red

In Kentucky it’s illegal to paint garden grass in red.

Olivia Locher I-fought-the-law-Pennsylvania dollar to a cord

In Pennsylvania it’s illegal to attack a dollar at a rope and pull when someone tries to pick it up

Olivia Locher I-fought-the-law-Texas unusual haircuts - thechicflaneuse

In Texas it’s illegal for children to have unusual haircuts.

Olivia Locher I-fought-the-law-Utah violin in a brown bag

In Utah it’s illegal to go around with a violin in a brown bag

Olivia Locher I-fought-the-law-Wisconsin apple pie withou chesse - the chicflaneuse

In Wisconsin it’s illegal to serve apple pie without cheese.

Olivia LocherI-fought-the-law-Nevada american flag on a soap - thechicflaneuse

In Nevada it’s illegal to stick an American flag to a soap bar


“The most interesting and hair pulling experience of this project was finding the origins and truth behind these laws.“ Olivia Locher on Plastikmagazine


Olivia Locher I-fought-the-law - california bike in swimming pool - thechicflaneuse

In California it’s illegal to bike inside a swimming pool.

Olivia Locher I-fought-the-law-Kansas wine in tea cups - thechicflaneuse

In kansas it’s illegal to serve wine in tea cups.

Olivia Locher I-fought-the-law-Delaware parfum as liquor - the chicflanesue

In Delaware it’s illegal to serve parfum as liquour.

Olivia Locher I-fought-the-law-Kentucky lick a toad

In Kentucky it’s illegal to lick a toad.

Olivia Locher I-fought-the-law-Louisiana gargling in public - thechicflaneuse

In Louisiana it’s illegal gargling in public.

Olivia Locher - I-fought-the-law-Connecticut pickles must bounce

In Connecticut it’s illegal to consider as cucumbers those who do not bounce.

In September 2017, Chronicle Books will release the first book by Olivia Locher and it will be dedicated to the project “I fought the law”.

Olivia Locher I fought the law book cover - thechicflaneuse

Olivia Locher

Young Photographer Olivia Locher