To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Edward Hopper’s death, the English creative agency Verve Search for Orbitz gave life, through animated gifs, to the realistic spirit of 9 among the most famous works of the American artist, considered a key figures of 20th century american art. The project  ‘Edward Hopper In Motion’  aims to introduce to a younger digital generation the most celebrated works that become interactive, digital pieces.


The work was painted in the ‘roaring twenties’: Hopper often used his wife, Jo, as inspiration for his female characters and so he did here.

Chop Suey

The painting created in 1929 was inspired by a Chinese restaurant he and his wife frequented in real life.


Hotel Window

Hotel Window dated 1955. Hopper himself commented on the painting: “It’s no particular hotel lobby, but many times I’ve walked through the Thirties from Broadway to Fifth Avenue and there are a lot of cheesy hotels there. That probably suggested it. Lonely? Yes, I guess it’s lonelier than I planned it really.”


House By The Railroad

Painted in 1925, House by the Railroad is a classic example of Hopper’s ability to portray the feeling of alienation through art.

Lighthouse Hill

Lighthouse Hill was painted in 1927 and was inspired by Hopper’s stay in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. As with many of Hopper’s paintings, lighting is incredibly important in telling a story and gives personality to his work.

Morning Sun

Morning Sun painted in 1952 when Hopper was 70 years old, conveys his ongoing theme of isolation in the city with the this female subject sitting on her bed.

New York Movie

The female figure in the painting dated 1939 was based on his wife, Jo and well represents the existentialist sentiment felt by individuals in the 1920s.


Nighthawks, painted in 1942, is considered one of Hopper’s greatest work. Many artists have responded or alluded to Nighthawks and it has been the subject of numerous popular culture references including the Simpsons. Its noir quality also inspired the set for the film Blade Runner.

People In The Sun

People in the Sun was painted in 1963 Classic to Hopper’s style, the scene is not a specific place but feels strangely familiar.

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