Between the lines of the presentation of the German magazine Curves – Soulful Driving we read “A curve is the most sensual way of connecting two points – and to a certain extent it is also the most realistic.”

With this in mind the idea of the magazine originated: Curves in fact, is dedicated to those who love to travel by car or on board a motorcycle or riding a bike along the most winding roads and challenging and engaging courses in the world. Its subtitle, Soulful Driving, immediately identifies it as an enthusiasts magazine produced for passionate people who are in search of pleasure and adventure on the road, delighted in celebrating the planning of the journey before the adventure itself.

“Driving teaches us to live in the present. And whoever lives in the present is happy. So join us in search of the flow, that timeless, spiritual level of being, where cause and effect for a moment are unimportant, and where only the moment counts.”

The team of Curves – Soulful Driving periodically sets forth to travel on board of vintage cars and supercars through mountain passes and hairpin turns telling (in German and/or in English) a different itinerary each issue with spectacular images of the territory, maps, stories and tips and of course, many many curves: from Scotland to Sicily, from California to Austria from the Alps to the Pyrenees etc..

“What makes chasing mountain peaks so fascinating? The French writer Albert Camus, writing on the subject, said: “the struggle towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus to be a happy man

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