According to the British laboratory Mindlab International, particular types of melodies have the ability to reduce stress levels up to 65%, adjusting heart rate and induce a sense of relaxation. Among all the music considered by experts the song that best accomplishes this is “Weightless” played by the British Marconi Union Trio.

“Weightless”, track specially built for the purpose, helps to slow down the rhythm of the heart up to synchronize with that of the song, and, given the absence of a recurring melody, the brain is not stimulated to anticipate it, thereby reducing the levels of anxiety. Relaxation playlist also includes songs by Enya, Mozart, Adele and Coldplay.

Here is the 8 minutes short version that has already counted 13 million views on YouTube but for those interested in a very loooong relaxation there is also a full version lasting 10 hours.

Treat yourself to a relaxing break!